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Amazon – Are you on Steroids?

In all probability, I will stop recommending people to go for Kindle going forward. Its outright foolish to spend 100 bucks and play in the hands of auto manufactures and companies that make a living on clean-shave

Basis the very little I know of consumer insights, those who are ready to pay $150 for a eReader are “not part of” the lower-part-of-the-value-pyramid who are desperately looking for a $50 rebate at the cost of their privacy – Heard someone say iPad will eventually kill the Kindle, I don’t think Apple will have to, as Kindle is on a suicidal mission.

Notion INK seem to a promising piece of a hardware, Sony must be working on something new and a host of offers in the market…

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Sizzle your Stake

For the Digital Natives, i.e., Navis from Pandora, performance is just another aspect and the ‘Snob’ value seem to have taken precedence – The Navis are looking for Leather-Seats equivalents from their computers – whatever happens to purpose of categories & their existence! Why we have to make a dirty cocktail of everything? The introduction to ARM/ATOM Processor made notebook available to virtually everyone, but whats its truly meant for? To the best, a Kindle 2 replacement! To give it a shot, picked up an ATOM Based tablet PC for $300 a few months ago an realized the processor in my Blackberry Curve is much faster.

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Consumer Data in Consumer Electronics

Lets assume your brand’s 200 LED panels sold today through different format stores and you don’t know half of the customers who bought it? Well, you have swalloing too may redpills and welcome to the real-world. There are quite a few ways to get the data in. Let us focus on one suggestion that, as a CE brand you should probably be able to espouse.
Lets focus on the brass tacks, one of them being demo / installation. Your business’ focus should be more intently on installation and demo aspect then the way you do business today – Incentivise more to source the right amount of customer information from the personal visit by you engineer.

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Big Boss is watching

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has released an indicative note to monitor every ISP on capping number of subscribers to provide good quality of service (QoS) . The Cat is Out of the Bag – The obvious GAP between the data-transfer rates flashing on Hoarding, Flyers, Television commercials plus other media touch-points and Subscriber’s real life experience is going to strangle a few operators in the market.

To come to think of it as a subscriber, the move from the governing body is quite an interesting one. However, what does it mean to ISPs that are active in the market or holding license to go live anytime?

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Web Analytics – Rewriting the Rules

The invention of Polaroid to film-based photography made a huge difference to how the art was performed, nonetheless, barring the invention of Polaroid nothing much really happened in film-photography.

The subsequent invention of digital photography pretty much changed all the rules of the game. In fact, Polaroid as a invention in film-based photography was probably one of the radical difference that was brought. However, in digital technology, I guess changes are happening on a fortnightly basis.

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Marketers with Broken Limbs

A recent incident where one of my colleagues gets a phone call from one of the leading general insurers in India and, the telemarketer ensures to gain my colleague’ attention and engages him in a chit-chat on phone for over 20 odd minutes. Gotten convinced with the marketing offer, my colleague was ready to buy the product under one condition – i.e., like most of us, asks the telemarketers to papers and an agent (read Human Being) to meet to furnish the details and subsequently process the policy.